Icom Australia Pty Ltd endeavours to support all legacy Icom products, however, due to the decreasing availability of components, some models are no longer supportable.

Because of this, Icom Australia can only support and repair the radios listed in the table below effective from 1st Sept 2017. Please click here to view the full list.

Please note that some models on the list have limited support and parts availability. We strongly suggest customers contact the Service Department via email before returning any products.


Warranty Terms and Conditions

Prior to shipping any equipment to Icom Australia a Service Request Form must be completed. Please make sure you identify the fault to the best of your ability and include a list of any accessories that are returned with the equipment. For all warranty items including accessories, proof of purchase must be attached.. Click here for more information about warranty terms and conditions.

Icom Australia recommends using Registered Post or a Courier service for full tracking of your radio.

  1. We will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your radio and service request form.
  2. When the item has been inspected, we will send you a Service Quote including labour (charges below), parts and return freight.
  3. A signed acceptance of the repair quotation and full payment are required before the repair will be completed and returned.
  4. If the quote is rejected, there will be an inspection fee to cover time spent inspecting the radio. This inspection fee will be $55.00 Inc GST for products less than 15 years old* and $165.00 Inc GST for products 15 or more years old*. (*From date of manufacture)
  5. All repairs on radios less than 15 years old come with a three month service warranty unless otherwise specified.
  6. Freight will be charged on all returned goods (a minimum freight charge of $33.00 including GST will apply)
  7. If we do not receive a response to the inspection fee or repair quotation after three months from the date of issue, the product(s) will be archived for a further three months at which time they will be disposed of accordingly.

Labour Charges

Icom Service Department Labour Rates for non-warranty repairs:
Accessories only: $50.00 + GST per hour.
Radios less than 15 years old: $100.00 + GST per hour.
Radios 15 or more years old: $150.00 + GST per hour.
There is a minimum charge on all non-warranty repairs of 1 hour.
All radios undergo a full inspection and thorough testing to ensure they comply with our specifications.


Icom Australia advises that for repairs of products 10 years or older, no service warranty will be given, due to the product’s age. Servicing of products over 15 years old (excluding handhelds) will attract a $165.00 Inc GST per hour service fee, plus parts, again with no service warranty. For units over 20 years of age requiring repair, we strongly recommend replacing the product, as due to its age, it can be very difficult and expensive to find replacement parts, correctly diagnose and repair the unit. If you still decide to go ahead with the repair, you will be charged at $165.00 Inc GST per hour, with a minimum charge of $330.00 Inc GST. All time spent completing diagnostic tests will also be charged. Once again, no service warranty will be issued.