• What is an IP503H transceiver?

An IP503H transceiver handset is a Push To Talk Over Cellular provides wide area communication using an LTE (4G) and 3G network. It allows you to make individual, group or all calls in the same manner as a conventional two-way radio without the use of RF technologies.


  • What is involved in the installation of an IP503H system?

There is nothing more involved than purchasing the IP503H and signing on to the one year contract. We will set up the SIM card in the unit and help you with any questions. Once you have received your handsets you ready to go.


  • Where is your server located that manages the network?

Our cloud server is located in a secure location in Australia. All corporate governance has been met to assure that data or communications are maintained between the customer and no data leaves the site.


  • How secure is your server’s data?

We’ve worked diligently to make sure that the highest level of encryption is in place on the cloud server to secure your private data and communications. As well as adhering to all data privacy handling requirements to maintain your best interest.


  • Is this just a mobile phone?

No. The IP503H is not just a mobile phone. It’s a push to talk two-way radio which works over telecom 3G/4G network. The unit is designed to be used for commercial environments (ie. Courier services, agriculture, construction, emergency services, etc) where you need to talk to one or more parties straight away. There is no need to dial a number you simply push to talk directly to the other person. It is also designed to withstand rough environments which is why it meets IP67 standards. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask. The IP503H is not a mobile phone as you cannot make a phone call.


  • Does the IP503H require a SIM card?

Yes, the IP503H does require a SIM card. However, it is completely different from your regular smart phone as the IP503H provides other features for consumers like an Emergency button, Man down and Lone worker function. These features are ideal for work environments where employees are working independently and need to be in contact with their head office due to their well-being. Moreover, its IP67 rated which means that it is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 mins.


  • What advantages does the IP503H have over the traditional radio?

The advantages of the IP503H are:

• Compact size and IP67 rated
• All the functions and similarity to traditional radio appearance allows for users to pick up the functions quickly
• Secure communication with no need for investment in a private radio network or license
• Health and safety features – Emergency button, Man down function and lone worker
• Pre-defined text message capability


  • What is the cost involved in setting up an IP503H network (for example, does it need a repeater)?

Unlike traditional radio, there are no requirements around infrastructure investment. For example, the need to invest in repeaters, cabling, and radio programming. This radio is as simple as inserting the sim card into the unit and starting the call by pushing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.


  • Is this a VOIP system?

This unit is a push to talk radio over cellular network of existing providers around Australia. Distance is no obstacle to communication with the IP503H transceiver.


  • So what is the next step?  What do I need to get started?

The first step is to purchase the IP503H handset and accessories through one of the many Icom LTE dealers around Australia.  They will then pass your contact details on to Icom (Australia) for the next step which is the Icom Data Plan. The Icom Data Plan (https://lteradio.com.au/data-plan/) is a 12 month fixed contract for a $30.00 (ex GST) per month fee which includes support and a private and secured network.  One of our Account Managers will contact you to discuss the programming of the unit/s for your individual requirements. For example, this will include Group set up, pre-programmed text messages, etc.


  • What is included in the Icom Data Plan?

The Icom Data Plan is:

  • A 12-month contract with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Initial Free set up with five configuration changes over the 12 month contract period.
  • Private and Secure network.
  • Technical Support available during business hours.
  • Monitoring of the system and network
  • Radio firmware updates all managed by Icom Australia.


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