Case Studies

IP501H Case Study: Japan Airlines  (Narita International Airport)

Seamless Communication at the airport is extremely crucial. Check out the below video to see why Japan Airlines chose the IP501H.

IP501H Case Study: Osaka Metro

Osaka Metro recently introduced the Icom LTE transceiver that covers the  whole underground areas in all 133 stations. See how Osaka Metro uses the radios to ensure passengers’ safety in the complicated underground space.

IP501H Case Study: Motorsport Event

Team Crono recently employed the Icom LTE transceiver for a racing event. Check out the video to view how the team ensured smooth communication during the event.

IP501H Case Study:   19th Annual Corrida Pédestre de Toulouse

ICOM’s new LTE radio offered a user friendly device with unlimited coverage for the race. As well as offering a unit that was heavy duty, call options and emergency features to support the general public’s safety.

(A case study prepared by ICOM France )

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